Defying All Logic

Sasktel, one of our local telecommunication companies introduced a new feature they called ebill.   I’m sure you already took a stab at what “ebill” is, an online way to look at your monthly statements thus saving postage, paper and the company money in the long term.  Great idea right?

It was a great idea until two months down the road my ebill account had been deactivated.  Deactivated?  Why?  What reasoning did they go through to come to the conclusion that after 35 days of access to this online account they would need to deactivate it?

The first time I gave them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was a security issue.  I called and asked for them to reactivate my ebill account, they did and when I checked, it said “Expires in 35 days”.  WHY?  This defies all logic.  Researching further I found that I need an “activation” code to activate my account, an activation code? I just got off the phone with the help desk guy and he didn’t think to tip me off about this activation code I’m going to need?  I know it’s not his fault, someone has made a process that defies all logic.

I really would like to understand why they deactivate accounts after 35 days because as of now they give me no option but to assume that this protocol defies simple human logic.  So I guess we’ll just add another one to Seth’s list.

Seth Godin talked about things that are broken a few years back that you must watch to understand why these things happen in our world.  If anyone finds the answer to this ebill conundrum please do share, I don’t want to have to call Sasktel every 36 days to reactivate my ebill account.

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