Your life’s bank account

Back when I was in University I had the opportunity to attend many conferences.  Many keynotes and group sessions stick out in my mind that had remarkable ideas and life lessons, this is just one of them.

Your life has a bank account; specifically your relationships keep a record of everything you have put into and more importantly what you take out of every single relationship.  Just like a bank account you must make more deposits than with-drawls in your relationships to keep it out of the red.  If you take too much out of a relationship without replenishing, it goes bankrupt and you lose a friend.

Ever meet that friend of yours that never takes the bill after dinner?  Or the friend that always has a beer at your place but never offers you one when you visit?  You don’t feel very good about these people do you, or even worse you have done this before.

On the contrary think about the friend that always drives, that always picks up the first round or just goes that extra mile especially when they don’t have to.  These people get further in life, enjoy their relationships more and their life bank accounts are full.

If you make more deposits in your relationships good for you, keep up the good work!  If you realize that you yourself have been withdrawing more than depositing for some time the first thing to know is that it is never to late to start making deposits, you can even start today.  Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

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