Who To Follow? The Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan *Updated*

Last year the Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan turned out to be a hit, this is the follow up.  The original people from that list are on here, some with updated notes (insert evil laugh).

PS: if you can’t find your name right away, on a Mac hit Command F, a little search box will appear at the bottom of your browser, now you can search for whoever you wish.  You’re welcome.

  1. Jessica Flottorp – @jessicaflottorp – she’s my arch-nemesis, for real.
  2. Lisa Bandura – @labandura – I’ve followed Lisa for a while now, always good for a laugh or an intense Instagram picture.  She’s off to school in Vancouver soon.  Regina is going to miss this one.  You better come back Lisa!
  3. Crystal Smith – @FoxxwortheeCrys – She’s one half of the duo Foxxworthee, an amazing singer and very entertaining tweets.  She’s the closest to a rock tar that I know of.
  4. Colter Wood – @colterwood – Runs @CodaClothing like a boss (cause he is the boss).  Went with a separate Twitter handle so he can be more of himself on Twitter.  And that’s why I like Colter, he doesn’t beat around the bush and he swears.
  5. Luke Sitter – @LukeSitterPhoto – pretty handy with a camera, I’ve known Luke for a long time.  Standout gentlemen.
  6. Cam Bottrell – @Cam_Bottrell – the GM of Capital Ford in Regina, inspiring leader, I learn a lot from Cam.  He runs an amazing organization.  Follow him.
  7. Marian Donnelly – @mariandonnelly – does a lot for our community, resides in the Creative City Centre, also running for Mayor or Regina.
  8. Jaclyn Anderson – @jaclyn_haley – Jacky’s the best!  I used to make wine with her once in a while, she also works a Westjet (jealous) and she’s always happy, that’s an amazing characteristic in a person.
  9. Keven Blehm – @Kevenblehm – I met Kevin at Earls, a snappy dresser and just the nicest guy to talk to.  He has some pretty witty tweets.  If I were you, I’d follow Keven.
  10. Jes Ripplinger – @jesrip – an amazing eye for fashion and a fun girl to talk to, Jes is great on Twitter.
  11. Allie Folk – @_alexandrafolk – Allie a little bit of too much fun, I’m also her professional modeling manager, long story but legit.  Follow her.
  12. Kailyn Tendler – @KailynTendler – Kailyn never stops smiling, she’s going to be one hell of a marketer one day, she’s a great hire at this point.
  13. Trevor Galon – @TRPGalon – A good friend, even though he’s a finance guy.  He’s getting better at this whole “Twitter” thing.
  14. Jenn Paul – @jpaul555 – I’ve been doing the same workout for 5 years, one conversation with Jenn and she convinced me to try something new.  It worked.  She’s very smart.  Follow her.
  15. Lisa Blehm – @lisablehm – I met Lisa at Coda, she’s a delight!  And she makes cupcakes and is starting a company for her cupcake business with the most adorable name, I can’t tell you yet though.
  16. Kiley Gottselig ‏- @Kiley_G – I work with Kiley at Capital Ford, she’s really good at what she does, always there for a good Tweet/hilarious video of Dr. Brulz.  Follow her, you’ll enjoy.
  17. Justin Lausch – @bigpapalausch – wait till the big poppa and I have another one of our classic conversations.  He’s a bro, what else can I say.
  18. Regina Police – @reginapolice – one of the most interesting Twitter account around.  They perform an amazing service and the Twitter account is actually hilarious.  You must follow this one.
  19. Mike Tate – @molsonmiketate – Mike’s with Molson, always the friendliest guy in the room, Molson couldn’t have a better ambassador than Mike.  Give him a follow!
  20. Carmen Holota – @QueenieCarmen – the better half of the Holota (Ryan) family.  She has funny Tweets, follow her.
  21. Stacey Laing – @stacelaing – Stacey is on my volleyball team, she’s very smart and Tweets a lot about music and funny things she see’s daily.  It’s enjoyable to follow Stacey.
  22. Danny Elder – @DannyE001 – Danny’s done a lot, used to be the guy behind Offaxis, Summer Invasion and Jibfest, now he’s doing a little something called San Juan Surf.  I like Danny, he’s a stud.
  23. Melissa Fiacco – @MelissaBrie – I’ve known Ms. Fiacco for a while, loves Regina and is a riot to have a cocktail with.
  24. Mia Columpsi – @miacolumpsi – she not a afraid to have a good time and has been known to be quite the hit at Earls patio party’s.
  25. Destiny Howse – @destinyhowse – I work with Destiny at Capital Ford, she’s fun and has hilarious ideas for tweets and blog posts.
  26. Mayor Pat Fiacco ‏ – @MayorFiacco – who can’t love the Mayor?!?  Yes he’s on Twitter and yes you have to follow him.
  27. Jim Demeray – @JimDemeray – A good friend and smart business thinker, manages Earls East, plays guitar like a boss and is funny as hell.  Follow him.
  28. Maple – @YouHearMeRoar – met her at Coda, she is actually one of the funniest people I’ve met on Twitter.  You should follow her.  She’ll do something major in marketing… I think, K maybe something else, but it will be big.
  29. Karl Schubach – @karlschubach – An actual rockstar and all around gemini.
  30. Stephanie England – @StephMEngland – Stephs always a Positive Patricia, just a whole lot of fun.
  31. Sabeen – @Cool_Beenz – met Sabeen at a Tweetup and now we’re just the best of friends!  Well almost.  She’s amazing, we have cocktails every now and then, she encourages others on Twitter a lot, I like that.
  32. Samantha Maciag – @sammaciag – has a better radio voice than you do.
  33. Jillian Walker – @jillianwalker – I met Jillian in Vancouver because I knew her from Twitter.  An HR professional, Jillian does it all.  I really look up to her and you could most likely learn a thing of three from her.
  34. Serge Bourgault – @SergeBourgault – one of the best designers in the province, works with the folks at Captive Audience in Regina, nice guy, even though I haven’t actually.  I hope to one day.
  35. Ashley Kilback – @AshKilback – this lil bundle of smiles and high fashion make for one entertaining gal.  Follow her, she different in a good way.
  36. Poulin – @poulin – a marketing man working for Conexus, very smart at what he does, I’m sure he has lots he could Tweet.
  37. Alex Wightman Daniels – @alexwd14 – I met Alex on a snowboard trip, been friends ever since.  He’s an all around beauty, and has a motor cycle so kind of bad ass as well.  Manages at Earls East.
  38. Burnz Bernando – @therealbernando – I get to work with Berny a lot now at Capital Ford, he’s entertaining and very talented, I think a very bright future.
  39. Kelsey Froh – @FrohForSho – originally from Regina, he now resides in Saskatoon, though he does visit often.  Kelsey’s very smart (getting his CA) and shares some really neat stuff on Twitter.
  40. Tony Schlotter – @TonySchlotter – Tony is a manager in the internet department at Capital Ford.  A Great guy to talk to and very smart when it comes to the online world.  Definitely worth a follow.
  41. Alexis – @alexisohalexis – the manager at The Owl in Regina, to describe her I’d use the words awesome, funny, intelligent. In the past her Tweets have been quite funny.  Alexis is a very good person to get to know in Regina.
  42. Danielle Brady – @DanielleBrady89 – Just a ray of sunshine, D, you’re awesome.
  43. Molly Thomas – @MollyThomasCTV – Molly just recently had me on her morning show, that’s right, she has her own morning show, she’s awesome.
  44. Russell Hardman – @RussHardman1 – slings Redbull and I don’t think he’s ever in a bad mood.  All around awesome guy.
  45. Erin Smyth – @erinsmyth – don’t know her very well but seems fun.
  46. Lindsey Isaak – @DoctorIsaak – a volleyball star and doesn’t hold anything back on Twitter.  Quite the entertaining follow.
  47. Levi Pilon – @levipilon – Levi was on the Business Students Society the first year I was on.  He was one of the older cool kids, but he was super nice to me and treated me like the older kids.  I’ve always respected him a lot for that.
  48. Marli Blayone – @marlichristina – I went to some of my elementary school and all my high school with Marli, she’s a sweetheart.
  49. BJ Muntain – @BJMuntain – I feel like I know BJ really well just from Twitter, great content and smart Tweets, I’d follow. (my bad on forgetting to add you!)
  50. Robbie Shmuck – @YoungSlu – This guys always happy to be around, I mean a complete gemini.  Follow him, he’s going somewhere.
  51. Bryden Wright – @brydenwright – standout gentlemen.  Cougars basketball, now an ace golfer, great guy.
  52. EMJ Marketing – @EMJMarketing – Joe Gunnis is from Moose Jaw, he runs a marketing company that provides local celebrities and speakers to perform at event, gala’s and conferences.  Joe’s once of the nicest guys I know.
  53. Marc Keith – @marcjkeith – Marc’s always there for you when you need a good chuckle.
  54. Erin Stankewich – @‏estankewich – Works at Look Matters, has some wildly crazy opinions about QR Codes, used to get in arguments with her but I think we have a truce?
  55. Rick Tiefenbach – @BigReginaRick – I played ball with him when I was a kid, he was unreal and won a championship for us.  They called me vending machine because I always had candy on me.  Ha!
  56. Greg Johnson – @‏canadogreg – is an actual real life storm chaser, yeah you remember Twister right?  Like that but with a better camera and Ustreamed over the internet.  Greg’s bad ass.
  57. Brian Hillier – @brian_hillier – I’ve known Brian for a while and this year he was on the Alumni Board with me.  Brian’s a riot.  He has a story on just about anything and will always keep you entertained over a pint or 4.  He has been Tweeting some interesting content as of late, follow him.
  58. Dan A. Bowman – @dan_bowman – Dan Bowman is quite the character, a salesmen by day and hobbyist by night, Dan does it all.  Has a very fascinating perspective on life.  Worth a follow.
  59. Kyla Dean – @KylaDean – works a Rockbridge and is just an all around sweetheart.
  60. Melanie Pare – @MelaniePare_KSP – the better half of @KSPtechnology, Mel’s a lot of fun.  Too busy to Tweet but when she does it more, look out!
  61. Collette Parks – @colletteparks – very down to earth gal, runs the online marketing for the Saskatchewan Science Centre, does a lot.  We’ve met several times, we have very intelligent talks and can put together one hell of a potluck.
  62. Shayna Glass ‏ – @shaynaglass – a dear, dear friend of mine.  She’s still in school but already running her own business.  Shayna’s very wise even though we don’t agree on some major issues 😉  She knows how smart I think she is.  She also got me four different novelties with mustaches all over them for my birthday.  #Awesome.
  63. Amanda Gebhardt – @amandagebhardt – Just recently met Amanda, Great Western rep, has an awesome job.  Fun gal.
  64. Amanda Stecyk ‏ – @AmandaStecyk – I met this lovely at several Tweetups and have been enjoying her Tweets ever since.  She’s an inspiring teacher in the school system and a hoot at a party.
  65. Keith Andrade – @KeithDAndrade – I met Keith while working with Highland Mortgage Partners.  Keith’s the sweetest man you’ll ever meet, a gentlemen and a witty Tweeter to boot!  Give Keith a follow.
  66. Scott Sather – @yqrwealth – I met Scott because of Twitter and for that I’m very happy.
  67. Darren Andres – @‏darrenandres – a pastor at Westhill Park Baptist Church.  We help out at Souls Harbor once a month together and have fascinating conversations.
  68. #AGELESS | #DREWSKI – @PSFresh – I only know Drewski, he’s a stud though.
  69. Street Jesus – @streetjesusnet – for a “street” Jesus, he sure doesn’t Tweet enough. 😉
  70. Richard Kies – @r_kies – met Richard on the Alumni Board, he was the President this past year, also works for the Red Cross in Saskatoon.  He’s a great guy on and offline.
  71. Kashlee Parmiter – @KashleeDoll – Kashlee was one of the few people at the original Tweetups at the Hooka lounge, she almost like the God-sister of Twitter in Regina in a weird way.  She’s also very, very nice, you should get to know her. (e’hem, follow her).   My most sincere apologies on missing you, please forgive me.
  72. Lise Merle – @lisemerle – Still, arguably the funniest person on Twitter.
  73. Brooke Paterson – @brookepatersonn – such a lovely smiling face to see, goes to school in the US occasionally, interesting Tweets.
  74. Mike Burton – @mikeinregina – Mike’s one of the few people’s opinions I trust on politics(though sometimes we don’t agree).  He’s a good friend and very intelligent, I have a lot of respect for him.
  75. Dan Nicholls – @dannicholls – Programming extraordinaire.  Also one hell of a Monopoly player.
  76. Jordan McFarlen – @mcfarljo – Jordan signed a three year contract with my beach volleyball team last year for an undisclosed amount.
  77. Mitch Gallant – @mitch_4 – The Brains behind Capital Ford’s communications – very smart marketer, Mitch “gets it”.  We learn a lot from each other.
  78. Brin Werrett – @rockstarhomes – Brin is a Rockstar, he runs a very cool Real Estate company, you can tell from the first time you meet him he’s different.  He has a different attitude.  Give him a follow, you won’t be disappointed.
  79. David Whitrow – @whitrow – a Realtor with Royal Lepage, David is a down to earth, very inspiring person, a great guy to know.
  80. Tim Assie – @timassie – We once designed wine labels together for bootlegged wine.
  81. Katie Colhoun – @ktcolhoun – one of my besty’s.  I love Katie attitude and the fact she’s not afraid to disagree with you.
  82. Linden Wilcock – @lindenwilcock – I work with Linden almost daily.  He’s a partner in Strategy Lab.
  83. Ryan Holota – @ryanholota – Ryan makes you think differently in a good way.  Also one $%#& of marketer/copywriter.
  84. Kip Simon – @22Fresh – Everything you’ve heard about Kip is true.  Yeah, he’s that good.
  85. Marc Kelly – @themarcdonald – A lawyer in town, very involved in the community, President of SYPE and on the Regina Redsox Board.  Great guy too.
  86. Riley Moynes – @LivingSkyMedia – Riley is one of the most talented artists I know.
  87. Ferhat Saglam – @FerhatSaglam – One of the happiest people you’ll meet, he’s always working on something new and different, that’s awesome, swing by the Hooka Lounge to say hi.
  88. Michael Di Stasi – @Di_Stasi – Mike is a genius, runs Tim Horton’s, has been quoted on my blog and has never said a bad thing about anyone, ever.  Mike’s awesome.
  89. A McMurtry – @amacakajerk – He’ll make you laugh and think.
  90. Danny Fernandez – @Def3 – The songbird of our generation, he’s musically gifted.
  91. Eric Hosie – @ehose2110 – Eric doesn’t always say what you want to hear and he crosses the line a lot, he adds to Twitter in a different light.  He’s different, he’s not afraid to speak his mind, I like that part.
  92. Loni Kaufmann – @fyvehole – Got me involved with the U of R Alumni Board via Twitter.  He does something major at Captive Audience.  Very smart business mind.  Also likes his Rum, have to respect that.
  93. Dawna Harman – @dawnaharman – Dan Zan!  I went to University with Dawna, we had a lot of fun there.  Dawna’s awesome, get to know her if you can.
  94. Mike Brown – @MikeBrownYo – Crushes tacos on the regular, probably the happiest face you’ll see at a club at night.  Mike’s just a little ray of sunshine.
  95. Ray August Derges – @rayderge – Been good friends with Ray for a while.  While MCing the final gala of our graduating class in Business school, we entered the gala without pants on.  Proud accomplishment for both of us.  He looks at the world differently, very refreshing to talk to.
  96. Ben Tingley – @Bravo_Tango – Ben’s the Pres of Bravo Tango Ad Agency, he also purchased a Ms. Packman for his office.  Respect.
  97. Madeleine Lepage – @Maddylep – Technically the only Rider Cheerleader I know, also has some funny Tweets now and then.
  98. Randy Klipper – @ChinaKlipper – Randy’s always good for chuckle.
  99. Kiriako Iatridis – @KiriakoReginaProbably The best photographer in Regina.
  100. Kaila Macdonald – @heykaila – Kaila has a little secrets about the internet, I enjoy her Tweets thoroughly.  Also has one of my favorite bio’s on Twitter, click her name and check it out.  And I practically live with her (dating my roomy) so I call her Mom.
  101. Trevor Anderson (Dander) – @trevor_anderson – Trevor’s a Master Debater.  Seriously, I’ve lived with him for over two years now, we have some of the most intelligent debates, he makes me think in a completely different way.  Also he’s a BBB.
  102. Kathryn Styles – @kathrynstyles3 – good friend and have worked with her, she’s a shmarty pants with an MBA now, great attitude towards life, you should follow her.
  103. Tyler James Willox – @tylerwillox – Opinionated and blunt, great mind on Tyler, worth a follow.
  104. Tricia Gilliss – @TrishGss – She should Tweet more, very intelligent girl.
  105. Derek Wu – @DerekWu – Should Tweet waaaaaay more, but he does crush Facebook.  Great friend and one of the most social people in Regina.  You probably should get to know him.
  106. Katie Honey – @katie_honey – I was once engaged to this treat.  😉  Now resided in Philadelphia.
  107. Gareth Bawden – @GarethBawden – Very talented singer, interesting point of view on Twitter, worth a follow.
  108. Jay Nauta – @JayNauta – Jay will tell you like it is, no bull$%&# kind of guy. Phenomenal marketing and logical mindset.
  109. Chelsea Stulberg – @ChelseaStulberg – I’ve worked with Chelsea a time or two.  One of a kind thought leader, I look up to her.
  110. Danny Greene – @GreeneDanny – a very positive guy to be around.  In Vancouver now, visits once in a while, proud UofR Alum.
  111. Jamal Williams – @Jamalwilliams50 – subs for my volleyball team some times, he’s a complete gem, not a mean bone in Jamal’s body.
  112. Mary Weimer – @MaryWeimer – Mary’s super nice, I think you’ll end up liking her too.
  113. Adam Hunter – @AHiddy – Local Journalist who has a great tweets on sports, will get after you if you don’t wear green to a Rider game.
  114. Heather Saylor – @heatherinregina – used to work at RROC, one of the nicest people you’ll meet.
  115. mattwayn – @mattwayn – Matt’s a very smart guy, I just wish he was on Twitter more
  116. Laura Schoffer – @lauraschoffer – I think Laura has one of the best jobs in the world, a recruiter at the University of Regina.
  117. Jason Clermont – @JasonClermont
  118. Tori Dundas – @ToriDundas – When Tori lets her personality and attitude shine on Twitter she’ll be one hellofva Tweeter.
  119. Jen Britton – @jen_britton – Jen and I went from Kindergarden all the way to grade 12 together and on to University.  Weird.
  120. Mike Klein – @dezguy – Runs Meshy out of Saskatoon.
  121. Ray Quon – @ray_quon – good opinion on news, politics and business locally.
  122. Alec Couros – @courosa – The Social Media god from the University of Regina, I said this in 2011 and I think it’s still true.
  123. David Aschenbrener – @daschenbrener – Realtor in Regina with Remax, David was one of the first Realtors I followed in Regina.
  124. Kyle Smyth – @kylesmyth – Extremely smart guy, either going to take over the world or be a very successful software engineer.
  125. Alexandra Borland – @missborland – One of the nicest people you will ever meet.
  126. Greg Toews – @gregtoews – great guy, get him out on a round of golf, you’ll have a blast.
  127. Angie Nikoleychuk – @AngsCopywriting – Lot of great content Ang shares.
  128. Alicia Putz – @aliciathrive – Very cool business, follow her, I bet it’ll be interesting.
  129. Mitch Simpson – @Msimpson2 – No one can be mad at Mitch, it’s just Mitch being Mitch.  On URSU this year, I like him.
  130. Bart Soroka – @BartSoroka – A young economist who I have very high expectations for, just needs to focus his thinking more.
  131. Jaryd Zinkewich – @jzinkewich – This guys going to do something big.  You wait.
  132. Carlene Deutscher – @cdeutscher – Carlene is a fantastic chef, check out her blog BS in the Kitchen, love it.
  133. K Harazny – @kharazny – Technically he resides in Edmonton but he’s a Regina kid a heart.  I’ve used him as an example of how to use Twitter in the corporate world.  Check his Tweets.
  134. Greg Hluska – @Hluska – Greg and I have lunch or supper regularly.  We’re interested in a lot of the same things and can carry on conversations for hours.  I think we’ll probably end up working together eventually/
  135. Sean Stefan – @SeanStefan – Sean has a great marketing mind, used Tweet like mad but obviously family comes first.  I look forward to his triumphant return to Twitter scene soon.
  136. Taron Cochrane – @taroncochrane – Made the Regina Symphony Tweets awesome (Tweeted as a Pirate one day) now with RROC, have yet to see RROC tweet as a pirate though.
  137. Amber – @theamberness – Amber’s a virtual assistant and will Tweet ya back, give her a follow.
  138. Darren Sproat – @DarrenSproat – Shares a TON of information on Twitter, smart guy.
  139. Nicole Templeton – @nikkitempleton_ – oh Nikki.
  140. Brennen Schmidt – @brenzens – Loves his politics.
  141. Derek Stoppler – @stopplerderek – Manager of Jump.ca, has done some cool stuff with FourSquare, good friend of mine who takes me to Rider games once in a while.
  142. James Archer – @YQRcher – had coffee with him once.  Smart man, does the insurance thing with Knight Archer.
  143. Brock – @prairied0gg – Tech smart, knows his Blackberry’s, a funny comment here and there on Twitter.
  144. Jonathon Di Stasi – @jonathondistasi – Standout gentleman. Hell of a golfer.
  145. Lucy Quach-Parker – @lqparker – Has the mind of a marketer and the type of humor that makes Twitter better.
  146. Logan Bristol – @LoganBristol – Great guy I see everywhere now, Logan’s a good guy to know in this city.
  147. Eric Moser – @mosereric – Eric has a great knack for people, super friendly. Stay gold Eric, stay gold.
  148. Ross Bearman – @ross_bearman – Ross is one of my favorite individuals.  No not just on Twitter in life in general.  Friendly as hell, disgustingly sick on the drums and is always making other people feel great.  Ross, you are awesome.
  149. David Carnegie – @CreelmanKid – David’s a great kid, in school in Vancouver, very talented in video and design.  Will be interesting to see where he goes.
  150. Breandan Muzyka – @BreandanAdelle – I had the absolute pleasure of working with Breandan on the U of R Alumni Board.
  151. Mourad – @MouradB – Love “Mo’s” Tweets.  The kid travels more than a Boeing Test Pilot.  Follow him, he makes Twitter interesting.
  152. Andrew Rink – @Andrew_Rink – Andrew should Tweet much more, Realtor and a friend.
  153. Ashley Simpson – @AshleySimpson4 – usually shares comical pictures and comical insights on pictures.
  154. Brandon Wu – @brandon_wu – Very forward thinker, definitely ahead of the curve.  Brandon is a partner with myself in a company called Strategy Lab.
  155. Lex Kress – @LexiKress
  156. Harley Rivet – @HarleyRivet – Marketing consultant from S’toon.
  157. Chelsea O’Connell  – @xochelsealee – amazingly talented manager at Coda Clothing & Shoes and just an all around fashion inspiration
  158. Matty O’Connell – @mattyoconnell – killer designer from @LookMatters, thiller guitar player from Prop Planes.
  159. Amy McFarlen – @mcfarla – I’m sure will be a darling teacher.
  160. Jackson Middleton – @KiltedBroker – had the pleasure of working with this gentlemen this past year.  He’s smart, fun and always trying to help other people.  If you need a mortgage in town, talk to Jackson.
  161. Laurel Garven – @laurelgarven – friend from university, Laurel’s always just a gem to be around, ehem, she could tweet more 😉
  162. Kayla Kozan – @kaylakozan – Smart gal, went to Ivey now at Target, will do something major with herself soon.  Follow her.
  163. Palinode – @palinode – not afraid to give me shit on Twitter. HA!
  164. Shannon K-G – @yourfreshhair – Shannon is a part of our Friday afternoon circle of trust, the better half of @Mitch_4, give her a follow.
  165. Rexual Assault – @rexchurko – Rex is the best, met him at Capital, he’s a bad ass.
  166. Jason D. Fedorchuk – @jasondfedorchuk
  167. JIMMEL – @jimschim – only met him a couple times, cool as a cucumber.
  168. Gideon Belete – @GidzBelete – this man makes me laugh every time I come to Earls.  Definitely worth a follow.
  169. Ryan Malley – @saskryan
  170. Eden Rohatensky – @edenthecat
  171. Jolene Solypa – @JoleneSolypa
  172. Joel Hunter – @JoelHHunter
  173. Nick Faye – @nickfaye
  174. Kyle Addison – @KyleAddison
  175. Ryan Lejbak – @RyanLejbak
  176. Shelby Saylor – @shelbysaylorr
  177. Britt Adams – @brittaadams
  178. Jason Powell – @SaskSneeze
  179. Michelle – @mpasker
  180. TgoesG – ‏ @tamongeorge
  181. Jordan Sisco – @JO12DAN_SISCO
  182. Dawn Luhning – @dawnis
  183. Mitchell Blair – @mblairregina
  184. Kevin Clive – @kc_live7
  185. Kelly Carmichael – @urguide
  186. Quinn Trehas – @QuinnTrehas
  187. jennifer nelson – @jennsmithnelson
  188. Cydney Gray – @cydgray
  189. DannyGoertz – @DanGoertz
  190. Amber Wilkie – @wilkie2a
  191. Alyssa Johnson – @AlyssaJohnson40
  192. Roz Pulo – @Asessippi
  193. Karen Mulatz – @kbessym
  194. Joel Sopp – @joel_sopp
  195. Crash And Mars – @crashandmars
  196. Riley Lawson – @rileylawson
  197. Rob Maguire – @RobMaguire – Runs Saskatoon Jazz Fest, resides in Vancouver, shares a lot of great stuff.
  198. Stacy Nicole – @Stacy_24
  199. Kara Gurski – @karagurski
  200. Kyle Halvorson – @kylemacy
  201. Erika Brown – @erkz13
  202. Shanan Sorochynski – @Shanan_S
  203. Phil R. Ollenberg – @PhilOllenberg
  204. Kim Quach – @kimotheeeee
  205. Ang Wagar – @AngWagar
  206. Brittany Lang – @brittanymlang
  207. breanna pierce – @breezieboo3000
  208. John Himpe – @himpster
  209. Brooks Findlay – @BrooksFindlay
  210. Jenna Gaube – @JeNnAGaUbE
  211. Nicole Kent – @nicoleckent
  212. Robert Noble – @RNoblePrize
  213. Magda – @cromags
  214. Rachel Molnar – @rmol
  215. Chris de Jong – @dejong
  216. John Kozan – @jkozan
  217. Ginger Koolick – @gingerk
  218. Lisa Danyluk – @L_M_D
  219. Nathan Rhodes – @RhodesNathan
  220. Saskboy K. – @saskboy
  221. Jay Baron – @action_jay
  222. Brodie Hallett – @brodieh
  223. Jennifer Anderson – @jennlanderson

    Regina Businesses

  224. Coda Clothing & Shoes – @codaclothing – a store in Regina that is doing some awesome things, I’d suggest follow, you may end up doing something good for someone and winning something for yourself, trust me, follow em.
  225. Capital Ford Lincoln – @CapitalFord – I’ve had the pleasure of working with the fine folks at Capital Ford.  They’re a great example of how to activate a successful online marketing strategy.  You’ll see these guys do big things for a long time.
  226. Alport Group – @alportgroup – I’ve worked with Alport Group for a while now, I’ve had some of the most intelligent conversations with Steve, ever.  Between Jamie and Steve they make quite the duo.  If you ever want a story on investing, behavioral psychology, Buffet or wealth management you have to talk to Steve, he’s brilliant.
  227. Rock Creek – @RockCreekTandG – One of Regina’s best burgers for sure, we work with Rock Creek on some of their online marketing initiatives.  Delicious client to have.  You’re going to see some great things out of their Twitter account, you’ll see.
  228. CrownShred&Recycling – @CrownShred – I worked with these guys last years, they’re pretty awesome, I like that you can ask them any question about recycling on Twitter and they will answer you or direct you in the right way.  Great service to the city and our planet.
  229. Kevin Pare – @ksptechnology – worked with Kevin this past year, he runs a great business, extremely smart on the IT support side.  He knows his stuff.
  230. Milky Way Ice Cream ‏ – @MilkyWayRegina – Yes they ARE on Twitter, follow them for #fod (flavor of the day) every day.
  231. FloPrint Inc – @floprint – I have already explained in a blog how ridiculously good the FloPrint staff are so I don’t need to do it again here.
  232. Sask Science Centre – @SkScienceCentre – Collette Park is behind this account, she’s wonderful and is amazing at her job.
  233. The Owl – @theowlbar – They have the biggest club sandwich in the city, try it.  Seriously.
  234. Tim Hortons Regina – ‏ @TimHortonsYQR – when you Tweet them they actually respond!  Smart usage from Tim Ho’s.
  235. Rachel Mielke – @hillberg
  236. SaskTel – @SaskTel – If you Tweet them you actually get a response!  Good on you Sasktel.
  237. Sunshine and Ski – @SunshineandSki – Occasionally runs a Mustache contest, I am reigning 2010 champ.
  238. New West Promotions – @NewWestPromo – If you like music at all you have to follow these guys.
  239. Metro Pet Market ‏ – @MetroPetMarket
  240. Deli Llama – @Deli_Llama_306
  241. vitaminwater_sk – @vitaminwater_sk
  242. Think Big Studios – @thinkbigcanada
  243. Regina Pats ‏ – @WHLpats
  244. Rob Reinhardt – @Prairie_smoke

    Regina Media

  245. Big Dog 92-7 – @BigDogRegina
  246. Lee Jones – @Lee_JonesCTV
  247. John Gormley Live ‏ – @JohnGormleyLive
  248. Rod Pedersen – ‏ @sportscage
  249. CBC Saskatchewan – @CBCSask
  250. Rob Vanstone – ‏ @robvanstone
  251. Reginas Rock Station ‏ – @thewolfrocks
  252. News Talk Radio – @newstalkradio
  253. Regina Leader Post – @leaderpost
  254. CTV Regina – ‏ @ctvregina
  255. prairie dog magazine – @prairiedogmag
  256. Global Regina ‏ – @GlobalRegina

    Other Organizations

  257. Huskie Athletics – @HuskieAthletics
  258. Regina Folk Festival – ‏ @ReginaFolkFest
  259. University of Regina – @UofRegina – Your standard University account.
  260. City of Regina – @CityofRegina
  261. ReginaROC – @ReginaRoc
  262. SGI – @SGItweets
  263. Tourism Saskatchewan – @Saskatchewan
  264. MJ Cultural Centre – @MJCultural
  265. Zutweets – @zutweets


  266. Captive Audience – @CapAudience – Captive and I have safe, healthy relationship.
  267. Bravo Tango – @Bravo_Tango
  268. Phoenix Group – @TheBurningBird
  269. Look Matters – @LookMatters
  270. H+K Canada – @hk_canada
  271. Chris Yang – @AdsparkComm
  272. Brown Communications – @browncomm


  273. Saskatchewan Party – @SaskParty
  274. Saskatchewan NDP – @Sask_NDP
  275. Ralph Goodale – @RalphGoodale
  276. Trent Wotherspoon ‏ – @WotherspoonT
  277. Brad Wall – @PremierBradWall
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