The Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan

This is a list of my favorite local people and businesses on Twitter.  Most are from Regina but there are a few gems from Saskatoon and else where.

For the people I know on Twitter, I put a note beside their name as to what they are about or why you should follow them. I hope this list proves to be helpful the next time one of your friends thinks no one locally is Tweetin’.

If I’ve some how missed you on the list throw your name in the comments or Tweet me, @JephMaystruck

I believe the best part about Twitter is the local scene, so to all my followers thanks for such an inspiring ride.


Lise Merle – @lisemerle – Arguably the funniest person on Twitter.

Brooke Paterson – @brookepatersonn – I feel terrible I left her out of the list initially.  I met Brooke via Twitter and it blossomed into a beautiful friendship, then I forgot to put her on this list.  Now she’s mad and I will try anything to gain her respect back.  Brooke, please don’t be mad!  PS:  She has the coolest glasses I’ve ever seen, ever.

Dan Nicholls – @dannicholls – Programming extraordinaire.  Also one hell of a Monopoly player.  Works at OhMedia.

Kyle Addison – @KyleAddison

Jordan McFarlen – @mcfarljo – Jordan signed a three year contract with my beach volleyball team last year for an undisclosed amount.

Mitch Gallant – @mitch_4 – The Brains behind – @CapitalFord

Brodie Hallett – @brodieh – I think this guy works 14 hours a day.

Jennifer Anderson – @jennlanderson – Every now and then Jennifer Tweets some gold, blunt, hilarious, true observations in her life.

Tim Assie – @timassie – We once designed wine labels together for bootlegged wine.

Jaryd Zinkewich – @jzinkewich – This guys going to do something big.  You wait.

Katie Colhoun – @ktcolhoun – Katie’s fairly new to Twitter but her tweets are getting more interesting daily. The more personality she throws in there the better they are.

Linden Wilcock – @lindenwilcock – Just an all around great guy.

Ryan Holota – @ryanholota – Ryan makes you think differently in a good way.  Also one $%#& of copywriter.

Kip Simon – @22Fresh – Everything you’ve heard about Kip is true.  Yeah, he’s that good.

Riley Moynes – @LivingSkyMedia – Riley is one of the most talented artists I know.

Ferhat Saglam – @FerhatSaglam – One of the happiest people you’ll meet, swing by the Hooka Lounge to say hi.

Michael Di Stasi – @Di_Stasi – Mike is a genius but also the guy you’d want to have on a fishing trip way up North, he’s funny and good in nature surroundings.

A McMurtry – @amacakajerk – He’ll make you laugh and think.

Amanda Nicole – @mandynicoleXO – An up and coming teacher that I’m sure inspires kids daily.

Coda – @codaclothing – If taste in Sushi were a grading criteria then I’d give Colter an F.

Danny Fernandez – @Def3 – The songbird of our generation, he’s musically gifted.

Eric Hosie – @ehose2110

Loni Kaufmann – @fyvehole – Very smart business mind.  Also likes his Rum.

Dawna Harman – @dawnaharman – I think Dawna is a Peach!

Mike Brown – @MikeBrownYo – Crushes tacos on the regular.

Ray August Derges – @rayderge – Roy’s usually good for doing the play by play during sporting events.  On Twitter we call him Pat Summerall.

Ben Tingley – @Bravo_Tango – Ben’s the Pres of Bravo Tango Ad Agency, he also purchased a Ms. Packman for his office.  Respect.

Madeleine Lepage – @Maddylep – Technically the only Rider Cheerleader I know, also has some funny Tweets now and then.

University of Regina – @UofRegina – Your standard University account.

Randy Klipper – @ChinaKlipper – Randy’s always good for chuckle.

Kiriako Iatridis – @KiriakoRegina – Probably the best photographer in Regina.

kaila macdonald – @heykaila – Kaila has a little secrets about the internet, very useful, awesome secrets.  I enjoy her Tweets thoroughly.

SaskTel – @SaskTel – If you Tweet them you actually get a response!  Good on you Sasktel.

Tyler James Willox – @tylerwillox – Opinionated and blunt, great mind on Tyler, worth a follow.

Tricia Gilliss – @TrishGss – She should Tweet more, very intelligent girl.

Derek Wu – @DerekWu – Should Tweet waaaaaay more, but he does crush Facebook….go on, Facebook him.

Katie Honey – @katie_honey – I was once engaged to this treat.  😉

Gareth Bawden – @GarethBawden – Very talented singer, interesting point of view on Twitter, worth a follow.

Jay Nauta – @JayNauta – Jay will tell you like it is, no bull$%&# kind of guy. Phenomenal marketing and logic mindset.

Chelsea Stulberg – @ChelseaStulberg – I’ve worked with Chelsea a time or two.  One of a kind thought leader, I look up to her.

Trevor Anderson (Dander) – @trevor_anderson – Trevor’s a Master Debater.  Seriously, I’ve lived with him for over two years now, we have some of the most intelligent debates, he makes me think in a completely different way.  Also he’s a BBB.

Ryan Lejbak – @RyanLejbak

Britt Adams – @brittaadams

Michelle – @mpasker

Jordan Sisco – @JO12DAN_SISCO

Dawn Luhning – @dawnis

Kelly Carmichael – @urguide

Rachel Mielke – @hillberg

Danny Greene – @GreeneDanny – a very positive guy to be around.

Alex J – @dirty_al – met her a few times, awesome gal, has personality in her Tweets (I really like that)

Jamal Williams – @Jamalwilliams50

Adam Hunter – @AHiddy – Local Journalist who has a great tweets on sports.

Heather Saylor – @heatherinregina

mattwayn – @mattwayn – Matt’s a very smart guy, I just wish he was on Twitter more.

Phoenix Group – @TheBurningBird

Big Dog 92-7 – @BigDogRegina

Laura Schoffer – @lauraschoffer – I think Laura has one of the best jobs in the world, a recruiter at the University of Regina.

Jason Clermont – @JasonClermont

Tori Dundas – @ToriDundas – When Tori lets her personality and attitude shine on Twitter she’ll be one hellofva Tweeter.

Jen Britton – @jen_britton – Jen and I went from Kindergarden all the way to grade 12 together and on to University.  Weird.

Quinn Trehas – @QuinnTrehas

Roz Pulo – @Asessippi

Karen Mulatz – @kbessym

Joel Sopp – @joel_sopp

Mike Klein – @dezguy – Mike has a brilliant mind for online marketing.

Mitchell Blair – @mblairregina

Kevin Clive – @kc_live7

Ray Quon – @ray_quon – good opinion on news, politics and business locally.

Huskie Athletics – @HuskieAthletics

James Archer – @YQRcher

Alec Couros – @courosa – The Social Media god from the University of Regina.

URSU – @urstudentsunion

David Aschenbrener – @daschenbrener

Kyle Smyth – @kylesmyth – Extremely smart guy, either going to take over the world or be a very successful software engineer.

Alexandra Borland – @missborland – One of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Greg Toews – @gregtoews

Angie Nikoleychuk – @AngsCopywriting – Lot of great content Ang shares.

Alicia Putz – @aliciathrive – Very cool business, follow her, I bet it’ll be interesting.

Sunshine and Ski – @SunshineandSki – Occasionally runs a Mustache contest, I am reigning 2010 champ.

TamonGeorge – @tamongeorge – Tamon’s more than just a pretty face in a Rider jersey, he’s going make some waves in the Regina Marketing scene.  You’ll see.

Mitch Simpson – @Msimpson2

Bart Soroka – @BartSoroka – A young economist who I have very high expectations for.

Joel Hunter – @JoelHHunter

City of Regina – @CityofRegina

Marc Kelly – @marcdonaldkelly

Andrew Rink – @Andrew_Rink – Andrew should Tweet much more.

Ashley Simpson – @AshleySimpson4

Brandon Wu – @brandon_wu – Very forward thinker, definitely ahead of the curve.

Lex Kress – @LexiKress

Harley Rivet – @HarleyRivet – Marketing consultant from S’toon, knows his $#@&.

Chelsea O’Connell  – @xochelsealee – amazingly talented manager at Coda Clothing & Shoes and just an all around fashion inspiration

Matty O’Connell – @mattyoconnell – killer designer from @LookMatters, thiller guitar player from Prop Planes.

Amy McFarlen – @mcfarla – I’m sure will be a darling teacher.

Chris de Jong – @dejong

Jackson Middleton – @KiltedBroker – had the pleasure of working with this gentlemen this past year.  He’s smart, fun and always trying to help other people.  If you need a mortgage in town, talk to Jackson.


Laurel Garven – @laurelgarven – friend from university, Laurel’s always just a gem to be around, ehem, she could tweet more 😉

Kayla Kozan – @kaylakozan – Smart gal, will do something major with herself soon.  Follow her.


Regina Businesses

FloPrint Inc – @floprint – I have already explained in a blog how ridiculously good the FloPrint staff are so I don’t need to do it again here.

ReginaROC – @ReginaRoc

CBC Saskatchewan – @CBCSask

Sask Science Centre – @SkScienceCentre – Collette Park is behind this account, she’s wonderful and is amazing at her job.

The Owl – @theowlbar – They have the biggest club sandwich in the city, try it.  Seriously.


Crash And Mars – @crashandmars

Riley Lawson – @rileylawson

Stacy Nicole – @Stacy_24

Kara Gurski – @karagurski

Kyle Halvorson – @kylemacy


Captive Audience – @CapAudience – Captive and I have safe, healthy relationship.  We’re bro’s.

Kathryn Styles – @kathrynstyles3 – good friend and have worked with her, she’s a shmarty pants with an MBA now, very smart, follow her.

Brennen Schmidt – @brenzens – Loves his politics.

Derek – @derekstoppler – Manager of, has done some cool stuff with FourSquare.

James Archer – @YQRcher

Brock – @prairied0gg – Tech smart, knows his Blackberry’s, a funny comment here and there on Twitter.

Sarah Bauck – @sarsah6

breanna pierce – @breezieboo3000

John Himpe – @himpster

Brooks Findlay – @BrooksFindlay

Jenna Gaube – @JeNnAGaUbE – Jenna just a treat to be around, the more she’s on Twitter the better for all of us.

Nicole Kent – @nicoleckent

Robert Noble – @RNoblePrize

Jonathon Di Stasi – @jonathondistasi – Standout gentleman. Hell of a golfer.

Lucy Quach-Parker – @lqparker – Has the mind of a marketer and the type of humor that makes Twitter better.

Logan Bristol – @LoganBristol

Eric Moser – @mosereric – Eric has a great knack for people, super friendly. And might I add, is the VP of Marketing for the Business Students Society, a role I served in my University days for two years.  Stay gold Eric, stay gold.

Ross Bearman – @ross_bearman

David Carnegie – @CreelmanKid

Lisa Danyluk – @L_M_D

Doug Ferguson – @dougrferguson

Breandan Muzyka – @BreandanAdelle

Tourism Saskatchewan – @SaskSecrets

Mourad – @MouradB



Saskatchewan Party – @SaskParty

Carlene Deutscher – @cdeutscher – Carlene is a fantastic chef, check out her blog BS in the Kitchen, love it.

K Harazny – @kharazny – Technically he resides in Calgary but he’s a Regina kid a heart.  I’ve used him as an example of how to use Twitter in the corporate world.  Check his Tweets.

Jolene Solypa – @JoleneSolypa

Erika Brown – @erkz13

Shanan Sorochynski – @Shanan_S

Phil R. Ollenberg – @PhilOllenberg

Kim Quach – @kimotheeeee

Ang Wagar – @AngWagar

John Kozan – @jkozan

Ginger Koolick – @gingerk

Nathan Rhodes – @RhodesNathan

Jay Baron – @action_jay

Greg Hluska – @Hluska

Sean Stefan – @SeanStefan – Sean has a great marketing mind, used Tweet like mad but obviously family comes first.  I look forward to his triumphant return to Twitter scene soon.

MJ Cultural Centre – @MJCultural – Now that they’re on here I better see some Tweets out of them!

Taron Cochrane – @taroncochrane

Amber – @theamberness – Amber’s a virtual assistant and will Tweet ya back, give her a follow.

Justin Caron – @justincaron – Technical genius, you will want to work with him in the future.

Darren Sproat – @DarrenSproat

Nicole Templeton – @nikkitempleton_


This list was compiled from the Twitter List I began last year!/list/jephmaystruck/saskatchewan but you needed to be Tweetin’ at least a little bit in the past couple weeks.

Photo Credit: Hyperactivedesign’s Blog

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