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Mike Klein, a Sr. Marketing Strategist from Saskatoon wrote this delightful blog for me.  Enjoy!  Follow this walking think tank here, he’s brilliant.

One of my favorite movie scenes (play the video above) is in I’m Still Here  the latest ‘mockumentary’ by Joaquin Phoenix. In the movie, Phoenix plays a character of himself who quits the movie business and sets out to become a rapper. During one key scene Joaquin sets up a meeting with Sean Combs (Diddy, P-Diddy, Puff-Daddy) to see if Diddy will help him in his career. As Joaquin begins to ask for Diddy’s help, Diddy cuts him off and says, “Do you have any money, though. Do you have money to do this?”

Joaquin pauses and says, “Like, how much? I have a little studio you know. I have a garage.  I’ve got a Pro Tools setup. ”

Diddy cuts him off and says, “Now, see that’s the mother fn’ problem, when people try to do things they don’t do it the same as they would for their own industries” He then goes on to school Joaquin in the real costs of the music industry citing that Phoenix’s lack of investment is disrespectful.

What I love about this scene is that this is exactly how many people approach their marketing. Instead of hiring a talented graphic designer, they give their secretary Adobe Creative Suite. Instead of hiring a professional to build their website, they give it to their cousin in the basement. Instead of funding their campaign well, they cheap out at every corner and then cry when their initiative fails!

I’m not saying that good marketing needs to be expensive. Lots of good marketing can be done on the cheap. But, good marketing needs to be creative. It needs to be strategic. And, It needs to be executed well. If you don’t have money to spend on the creative, strategy and execution you are going to need to invest your own time. And, unless you value your time at nothing, are you then really saving any money by doing it yourself?

PS – Jeff didn’t ask me to write this (and he will probably delete it out of the post out of embarrassment). But, if you need some strategic help I would suggest giving him a call. He’s a passionate and creative guy and I know he wouldn’t guide you down the wrong path. But for Pete’s sake, please don’t walk into his office and tell him about your Pro Tools setup.

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