A Must Read Book For Online Marketers


Web Analytics 2.0 is nothing short of the best book on online measurement to date.  Written by Avinash Kaushik who was the former Google analytics evangelist and all around measurement hercules of some sort.

This book is chalk full of lessons, take-a-ways, cases, actionable steps and includes more insight than Celine Dion at a singing convention.  Literally, within a couple chapters into Web Analytics 2.0 you will change the way you are measuring your online presence.

In a world bombarded with “Age of Persuasion” type books that talk about how marketing was for many years, Web Analytics 2.0 gives you the road map of where marketing is headed and how you can harness it’s power by measuring.

Anyone who is serious about a career in online marketing needs to read this book.  I say serious because it’s just shy of 450 pages, you’re not going to pick this one up for a light Sunday afternoon read.

Personally I’m beginning to appreciate books such as this one that help you move into the future of marketing instead of the traditional marketing books that tell the story of “how things were”.

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