Episode #8 – An Interview With a Professional Wordsmith, Linden Wilcock

Episode 8 – Linden Wilcock on Twitter, Facebook, the Tweetup and the future of Social Media

Enter Linden Wilcock.  He’s about to graduate from the Hill School of Business at he University of Regina.  I met Linden on Twitter and several Hooka Lounge nights later a friendship was born.

Linden is working on Social Media strategy and implementation over at Highland Mortgage Partners.  He’s smart.  He gives presentations regularly on Twitter and Facebook.  If you want to attend one you should ask Linden (tell him Jeph sent you and you’ll get a free session).

Linden thinks differently, he’s not afraid to disagree with you and look at a problem or situation in a completely different light.  He thinks beyond today and tomorrow and tries to understand the future implications of implementing ideas.  I enjoy talking to him because he makes me look at problems differently.  I think you’re going to learn something from him in this episode.

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Running time: 22:52

In this Episode:

  • What is a Tweetup?
  • What happened at the last Tweetup in Regina?
  • What goes on at a Tweetup? (Hint: its not just a bunch of people Tweetin’ away on their phones)
  • Who goes to a Tweetup?
  • Tweetup’s are a great place to meet a wide range of people, you never know who you’re going to get in a conversation with
  • Linden tells us about the first day he joined Twitter
  • How Twitter has affected Linden’s life
  • How Linden uses Facebook
  • How he’s changed since the beginning of his Facebook career
  • I ask him “If you had to explain Facebook to a person who’s never seen it before, how would you do it?”
  • How could a business use Facebook?
  • How could a business use Twitter?
  • What other platforms Linden’s on (Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, ICQ?)
  • I talk about how Zlatan from Lookmatters gave a Social Media presentation and talked about how Hillberg & Berk use Pinterest.  Very interesting example
  • What other companies could make a win out of Pinterest?
  • What does marketing look like in two years?
  • How will the younger generation continue to push the envelope on how we marketing ourselves?
  • Why Greg Hluska is the man
  • What Linden loves in life (and writes about in his blog

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