Episode #7 – Poking on Facebook & How Squareflo Looks at Your Website Feat. Derek Wu – Part 2 of 2

Episode #7- Poking on Facebook and Squareflo Websites Feat. Derek Wu – Part 2 of 2

In Episode #7 on the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Derek Wu, again (with much better sound quality this time).  That’s right, find Part 1 of 2, “Who is Derek Wu?” right here.  The first one is more about where he came from, lessons he learned early on, and how he began the behemoth social butterfly he is today (haha sorry Derek, told ya I could get behemoth into your title).

This episode is different.  Derek spills the beans on some very smart tips for your website, the future of them, how Squareflo looks at them, and some take-a-ways that’ll make you smarter.  If I were you I’d stop reading this now and hit the play/download button.  Go on now.

Running time: 34:26

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In this episode we talk about:

  • How does Squareflo look at a website differently?
  • User experience is the number one goal
  • “Within the first 30 seconds of being on your website, people should be able to accomplish exactly what they set out to do.”
  • How could you measure offline advertising on your website?
  • Jaco (one of the owners of Squareflo) is the brains behind Squareflo’s design
  • They study how the user physically looks at a website and try to make a better experience every time.
  • Do you know where the most important place on your website is for accomplishing your over all goal?  Derek shares some information that taught me something about my own site.
  • Every website could look amazing, but your website needs to be consistent with your offline brand.  Squareflo takes the time to understand their client’s offline personality and tries to infuse that into the websites they create.  A very interesting approach to web design and development
  • Derek talks about websites in the age of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • What you need to know about Google and SEO
  • Derek tells about the future of websites and what might be the focus (it’s not the traditional robust cookie cutter website)
  • I ask him what does the next 6-12 months hold for web development (yes I ask him to predict the future)
  • He talks about how websites, micro-sites and Facebook app and page integration will become seamless (or already has)
  • The future is integrating Facebook with your website, if you aren’t already
  • I ask him how he got to 3900 Facebook friends
  • How a certain Dawna Harmen can’t keep up with all her friend requests
  • “Facebook isn’t a place to connect with people you don’t know, that’s what Twitter is for.” -Derek Wu
  • We talk about how inter-connectivity has it’s detriments too, people on Facebook know everything about what you’re doing (especially when you have 3,900 friends)
  •  Remember: When you use a service that is ‘free’, they’re making money off you in another way (Ex: Selling your information to advertisers)
  • He talks about a relatively new social integration on websites they’re designing using Facebook.  You can checkout how Facebook Connect works on: I Love Live Music website or The Interview Season 2
  • Derek shares what else he “does” in his spare time, from construction to slinging drinks at Pure Ultra Lounge, he doesn’t really have spare time
  •  My last question  for Derek is “why dif he gave up a BMW car to drive an old truck instead?”

Find Derek at:

Squareflo New Media

On Twitter @DerekWu

Poke Derek on Facebook here



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