The Price of a Bad Experience

What does it cost you when a disgruntled customer leaves your business dissatisfied never to return?  Ok, that’s a bit harsh, but what happens when you piss someone off?  It costs you, but how much, and should you care?

I think we can all agree that authentic word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing.  What happens when you let people have a voice about your company?  What happens if you amplify that voice?

That is exactly what online networks are doing.  We’re past the point of “letting” someone have an opinion of your company, people are going to whether you like it or not.  From the people you trust on Twitter and Facebook, how important is their opinion in what you buy/sell/participate in/join/be a part of/attend?  I think we are influenced much more then we think we are.

Everyday people are having good and bad experiences, it is your job as a company to attempt to provide the best experience possible and if you’re smart, enable those who are impressed to talk about it online.  But what do you do when someone has a bad experience?  They probably won’t come back, they probably will tell their friends but now they can let the World know how they feel via Twitter, Facebook or blog.

What should you do?

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