The Most Underrated Day in School

If you didn’t have a “hotdog day” in elementary school I feel terrible for you.  For those of you who were privileged enough to have one, let’s reminisce for a moment for the most underrated day in school known to children.

Hotdog Day

The hotdogs were overpriced and weren’t anywhere near Juicy Jumbo quality, but every hotdog day I’d do whatever I could to get my Mother to order me as many hotdogs as a family of six could afford, sure I was a fatty but there was something about hotdog day that was fascinating.

There are three lessons to be learned from Elementary school hotdog days and I think these lessons may be applicable in a variety of instances.  I digress.


Hotdog day only happens a couple times of the year making it seem like a very special event.  If you had hotdog day everyday you would hate hotdogs, wouldn’t you?


You get to pick how many hotdogs you want, what to drink, “Oh you’d like a snack on the side?”  Yeah, you can pick that too.  Everything about filling out the personalized form for hotdog day was right, the only bad part is you wanted the hotdogs right then and there!  Not in two weeks.

The experience

Everything around the social side of hotdog day (for me) was amazing.  Seeing what everyone else ate, your skinny friends eating less then half of what your Mom let you get, everyone eating in the gym together, it was an elementary party.

Instead of offering an average product why not make it available less often, more customizable or make the experience more rememberable.  After all, a hotdog is just a hotdog on any other day.  It’s the experience that makes it special.

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