Episode #2 – Why would a car dealership use social media?

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In this episode, the brilliant Mitch Gallant and I talk about how Capitol Ford (@CapitalFord) uses social media within their marketing mix.  Mitch heads up the online marketing for Capitol Ford.  Along with a star studded team, including @Kiley_G @theRealBernando and himself @mitch_4.

I grill Mitch on his best moment of 2011, how he manages Capitol Ford’s online marketing entities and his (questionable) opinions on mobile (said in a very sarcastic tone).  Also, Mitch tells how he prioritizes projects using a football field on the wall in his office, an amazing example of how to manage online projects when you want to implement everything you come across.  Near the end Mitch shares what he thinks the most important thing marketers need to focus on in 2012.

Finally, Mitch recommends some books to read for young, aspiring marketers, Unmarketing by Scott Stratten, Six Pixels of Seperation by Mitch Joel, All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin, The Thank You Economy and Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk.

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