Why Does Your Business Exist?

Why does your business exist?  Is it to just make money?  Or is it more than that?  In Simon Sinek’s Start With Why he explores the idea of looking beyond what product your company is selling, and focus on why your company is selling it.  The absolute core purpose of your company, the reason it exists.

Once you have a thorough understanding of ‘why’ your company exists it’s much easier to understand ‘how’ you’re going to sell ‘what’ you’re going to sell.

Below are six of the best parts of the book.  Enjoy.

Almost everything in our world is now a commodity.  You’re going to have to deal with it one way or another.


This is at the core of every business.  First why, then how, then what.  In that order.



Ideas begin to spread through the innovators.  Innovators are idea spreaders, they’re sneezers, they talk to other people.  Your job as a marketer is to get the innovators spreading your idea.



Putting employees first will always be a strategic business strategy.  It’s surprising that more companies don’t take advantage of this strategy.

A video on the idea for the book: “Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action”

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