You Can’t Hide Your Reputation

Anytime you cross someone in a bad way they will remember.  Your reputation is your business.  We have the ability to communicate online with thousands of people instantly, it is what those people say about you that becomes your reputation.

Humans remember the bad things much longer than the good, if you have broken someone’s trust in the past I’d suggest working on making it better soon because it’s going to take a while.  Think of the last person who broke your trust, have you worked with them since?  How do you feel about him/her?

Trust is a peculiar trait, difficult to earn but once trust is established amazing feats can be achieved.  On the contrary, if you lose someone’s trust it is extremely difficult to earn back and you probably ruined the relationship you had with that person.  In the small business landscape that Saskatchewan is, you can’t afford to break someone’s trust, word spreads too quickly.


  • you can’t hide your reputation
  • acquiring and keeping ones’ trust will be one of the most important things you ever do in business
  • bad things spread much faster than good
  • people who really do trust you will defend your reputation as if it were their own
  • if your business is not based on integrity you will lose in the long run
Photo Credit: Kat Jackson
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