Episode #11 – Regina’s Great Bambino-Kip Simon From 22Fresh

Episode 11 – Regina’s Great Bambino-Kip Simon of 22Fresh

I went to Kip’s high school, we were on the K-team together.  He was a leader back then and has grown exponentially since.  I’ve always looked up to Kip, he has a brilliant marketing mind, a great personality, and he’s really fun, humble guy to be around.  He runs 22Fresh and is a partner in Captive Audience.  He’s a busy guy.

Kip was probably the first person from Saskatchewan to have Facebook, and he was on Twitter before I was.  11,538 likes on Facebook (as of March 11, 2012) and 5,070 follower on Twitter.  I know what you’re thinking, holy $%&@!

I continue to use what Kip has done with 22Fresh as examples in presentations as a case study.  Having a ‘cool’ brand in general is extremely difficult to achieve, let alone having a ‘cool’ company on Facebook.  But 22Fresh never ceases to amaze us, from a racy video of how their bats are made to a shirt that says “Moon Fruit” on it.

22Fresh is the coolest brand in Canada and you’re going to see it grow in popularity for a long time.  Listen to the Podcast to find out why.

Running time: 31:52

In this episode:

  • Where and how did 22Fresh start?
  • Who else is involved with 22Fresh?
  • Where were the first 22Fresh pants made? (the answer will surprise you)
  • What were the difficult aspects in the beginning?
  • What is 22Fresh? “22Fresh is clothing that unapologetically wedges itself between sports and lifestyle.
  • Where do you get your ideas for shirts from?
  • What the process to ensure you’re “on brand”?
  • Who are the most famous people who’ve been caught in 22Fresh? (Michael Morse, Brice Harper, Darian Durant, Cabbie Richards)
  • Every order on 22Fresh.com still comes through Kip’s phone.  He see’s every purchase that’s made.
  • How many different countries how you sold to?
  • What do you do when sales are down?
  • How have you changed your usage of Facebook over time?
  • How do you treat Twitter differently over time?
  • Facebook contesting and how people won ‘wood’.
  • How do you balance running 22Fresh and being a partner on Captive Audience
  • How much I paid to get Kip on the Podcast
  • What advice would you give a young, budding entrepreneur?
  • Who sticks out it your mind as a mentor or a leader you look up to?
  • Will you ever create a “The Heckler” 22Fresh shirt?
  • How many home runs did you hit last season in senior mens baseball?
  • What the new 22Fresh app has to offer

22Fresh Website: www.22fresh.com

22Fresh on Twitter: http://twitter.com/22Fresh

22Fresh on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/22Fresh/

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