Something To Believe In…

Does your company have a philosophy?  A purpose? A vision? A mission?

What’s your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)?

What do you give your employees to believe in?  Why are you in business?  If it’s just to make money you’ll never attract the talented employees you’re going to need to grow.  Finding passionate people and giving them a purpose at work is the smartest business decision you will make.

Many companies these days don’t go any further than setting up shop and completing payroll every month.  Smart companies know that money isn’t a motivator beyond menial tasks.  To really grow a self-sustaining, successful company you must give every employee something to believe in. 

Generation y (the generation who in time will dominate the business workforce) wants more out of a job.  For some (a growing number) just a paycheck won’t cut it anymore.  And in the passionate employees is where future value in your company lies.  Attracting talented, passionate employees will create the value successful company’s need to move forward in this ever changing, turbulent business world.

(Lulu Lemon’s Manifesto)

Before you look for your next perfect ad, “viral” video or (insert any marketing tactic) why not take a step back, maybe a weekend away, and think about why you’re in business.  What is your company’s philosophyWhat is your manifesto?

Do you know what Westjet’s vision is?

By 2016, WestJet will be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world providing guests with a friendly and caring experience that will change air travel forever.

That’s a powerful message to your employees and shareholders.

Do you give your employees something to believe in?


After all, once you understand where you are going, it’s much easier to get there.

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