How Do You Fix School?

No matter how you approach the future of education you’re always going to have a group of people who disagree with you. That’s great. That means you’re on to something. It’s when everyone’s in agreement you should be worried.

Does it start at the top?  Should you fire the board of directors and start from scratch?

Is it the leadership? Do the Principal’s, vice-principal’s and superintendents need to be fired?  Could you give the administration the training and support needed to revamp the school system?  Hire an expensive consultant and allow him/her to make any changes necessary… (I do mean absolutely any changes necessary).

Is it the teachers? Do you train them better?  How do you teach teachers more effectively? Shouldn’t they be receiving the most effective, up-to-date, teaching methods possible?  After all, teachers are responsible for bringing up the next generation of leaders.  Should they have mandatory evaluations every year?  Do you implement 360 feedback for all teachers?  Could you create an incentive to encourage them do a better job?

What if you disbanded the teachers union and down-sized administration?  What would happen?

Why aren’t teachers compensated for going above and beyond inside and outside the classroom? (Compensation doesn’t have to be monetary.)

Is it the student’s fault for not giving enough feedback?  Do teachers regularly ask students what they want to learn?  Have we ever asked students what they want to learn?

Shouldn’t we, as an intelligent society, place the utmost emphasis on creating the best education possible? After all, schools are responsible for bringing up the next generation of leaders.

It seems like such a simple strategy to propel your nation to success in the future; start at entry-level education and work your way up creating the world’s most effective school system.

There is a very silver lining to the cloudy state of education at this point; take a look at School of One.  This is just a glimpse of how the education system is beginning to adapt to the new information generation. Fascinating.

What would happen if Canada developed the most advanced school system?

If you still think there is nothing wrong with our school system please watch these videos:

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