Episode 12 – The Coda Clothing Story Starring Colter Wood

Episode 12 – The Coda Clothing Story Starring Colter Wood

This weeks episode is an interview with the man behind Coda Clothing & Shoes, Colter Wood.  Coda is no stranger to my blog.  I’ve written about Cause Marketing and how Coda brands itself in the community.  I am also currently working with Coda on their online marketing.

Colter is a fascinating business man and a friend that sticks out in my mind.  He’s opinionated and very smart on many topics.  It’s very refreshing  He’ll disagree with you to your face without making you feel bad about it.  He thinks about business differently.  He’s made some astute business decisions early on in his career that I don’t think most people would have in the same situation.  He has a unique mind, doesn’t agree with the status quo, and has delivered on the vision of what he set out to create.  It’s an inspiring story.

Running time:

In this episode: 24:38

  • “Cody, from Colter Clothing & Shoes” – J Brand if you get this, its “Coda Clothing & Shoes”
  • Where did the idea start?
  • How did you start Coda?
  • A great story on how they ended up in the building they’re in
  • How did you come up with the name Coda?
  • How did you market Coda in the beginning?
  • Some of the key people that helped to spread the word in the beginning
  • Seeking out the influencers and helping them to talk about you
  • Facebook helped a lot in the beginning, Coda now has over 5,000 people ‘Liking’ it’s page
  • Coda’s Sponsored Fashion shows
  • What Coda’s focusing on right now, just visit Sask Fashion Week’s Website
  • Follow Sask Fashion Week on Twitter (@SKFashionWeek)
  • Chelsea hates when Colter says “in saying that” #Fact
  • Coda also sponsors @PSFresh(DJ Drewski and Ageless), The Sound Society, and DJ Kid Shine
  • What’s the hardest part of starting a business?
  • Who’s helped you a lot along the way?
  • One of the best books to read on Entrepreneurship, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
  • Chelsea Oconnell is a major reason why Coda has been so successful.  Colter says some awfully nice things about her, I’ve met her.  She’s that good.
  • Follow Chelsea on Twitter (@GirlWasteLand)
  • How do you compete with the people buying on the Internet?
  • What advice would you give to someone starting a business?
  • “You have to make sure you’re working on your business, not just in your business.”
  • “In any business, it’s always about the people.”
  • Visit the Coda Clothing & Shoes website here
  • Visit the Coda Clothing & Shoes online store here
  • Follow Colter Wood on Twitter
  • Follow Coda Clothing on Twitter
  • See the Coda Clothing Facebook Page
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