Free Prize Inside….a Wine Bottle?

How come wine company’s never offer a contest where you could win something on the bottom of a cork?  Ok, you’re right, people who buy $50-$100 bottles of wine do not care about whatever it is under the cork, as long as it smells like fine wine.  I’m talking about the cheap inexpensive wine, you know the bottles that no one is aging in the cellar, the ones that you buy for the weekend and if they last till Monday you’re having wine with supper.

I see an opportunity here.  You could develop a classy contest, partner with the New Yorker or Napa Valley and offer a prize people will talk about around the water cooler.

Creating an incentive for customers to look for your wine at the store can be a powerful tactic.  With whatever excuse you come up with as to the reason why wine company’s don’t do this, ask yourself, why?  And why couldn’t they?  I am open for a discussion.

Photo Credit: Gary Tamin
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