Small Business Marketing

If you are looking at or already have started a small company that’s based on a hobby or something you enjoy doing and you want to grow it listen up.

Your new business is based on a hobby, something that is enjoyable, so there are many players in the industry. What does this mean?  You have competition.  You’re just an amateur but there are many professionals in the market and they charge too much.  You found your niche as an affordable musician, renovator, photographer or artist, whichever you are, people need these services and you can provide them at an affordable price.  But it’s not as easy as it seems at first.  How do you tell people about your service?  You don’t have a lot of money but you will put your heart into it so you know it was be great work but how do you get that message across to your potential client?

Pro Bono. Why not?  Lawyers do it, maybe for different reasons but they are still getting experience and building their own portfolio.  Take on a project for free, ensure you get lots of exposure and the time you invest will pay out ten fold.  If you don’t have a large (or any) advertising budget you may as well show someone how good you really are.  If you are that good they will tell someone about their experience, if not, get feedback on how to improve and don’t settle until you are remarkable.  It is at that point when your business is remarkable, that you will no longer need to advertise.

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