A Few Helpful Links and a Contest

I have found some pretty neat tools while researching in the past couple weeks that I want to share with you.  If you like the links enough share them, as Rework taught us, inspiration is perishable so send to someone who can benefit from them.

Spreeder: An online speed reading tool to teach yourself how to speed read. Give it a try!

Simply Hired: A Canadian job searching tool

Vintage Ad Browser: This is a catastrophic site that hosts ads from our past

Here’s a ten minute video on what actually motivates us

Only go here in dire situations

Here are some of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever found.

Now I want to know what some of your favorite sites are.  You know, the sites you go to and say “wow, how cool!  I have to send this to Jeph!” Post the link in the comments below, the best link gets not one but two boxes of my favorite sour candies delivered personally by me, or if you are not from Regina I’ll ship them.  Now go and share your favorite sites!

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