Goodwill on a Billboard

SaskEnergy has put up billboards all over Regina about their latest offering.  If you need a furnace you can get a loan from SaskEnergy for prime plus two percent.  Seems like a normal billboard right?  Wrong.

SaskEnergy obviously understands that many households are in need of a new high-efficiency furnace but can’t afford one.  How do you help out low-income homeowners and create some goodwill for your organization without spending thousands of dollars?  Offer an affordable method of obtaining a furnace.  The two percent covers the cost of advertising and admin work so they are probably breaking even financially, but in the eyes of the community SaskEnergy looks great.

SaskEnergy went out to advertise their newest offer and came back with some goodwill.  If only more of our crowns would set out to attach some goodwill to their advertising.

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