mmmmmm Your Company Looks Good

Want your company to look good?  Want people to look up to your brand? Want people to say, “Wow, what a sexy brand!” Unless you are Richard Branson, you’re company’s brand isn’t that sexy.  Don’t fret there is a solution.

At a recent Chamber of Commerce presentation I was attending, there was a small committee waiting to greet me immediately as I walked in.  This wasn’t your regular Wal-mart greeter, far from it.  Later I found out it was the DirectWest Street team, four great looking individuals begging to show me something on my phone, how could I resist?  I learned how to do a local search on my phones browser, useful for a person like me or anyone that doesn’t carry a phone book on their hip.  The interesting part is I’ve seen this service offered on a billboard before but never tried it out, until that day.

Involving your brand with young, beautiful people is a great way to better the brands perception, you can’t help but smile when talking to these folks.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink he talks about how good looking people are easier to talk to and much easier remembered, our first impression of these people is almost always positive, why not use this to your brands advantage?

Captive Audience understands this, being the pioneer of street teams in the Regina area, they are doing more of this and for good reason.  Because we remember interactions with the street team.  I don’t have to listen to a billboard, a TV commercial or any advertisement for that matter, I am great at ignoring (we all are) but you try say no to a good looking person, it is VERY difficult.  This is why this type of guerilla advertising will grow, it’s effective and a much better alternative to mass media.

So the next time you want to get your message across, use a street team, you’re helping your brand out more than you think.

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