Saskatchewan Pavilion

Saskatchewan is my favorite province, so when I was given the opportunity to help out with the Saskatchewan Pavilion in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic games, I of course said YES!

It’s been a proud week for the province, our pavilion is located beside the Quebec and Ontario pavilion’s and is across from the Molson Canadian Hockey house, the largest bar at the Olympic games (though it’s only a $99-$450 cover charge).

It’s a surreal moment when you walk around Concord Place and see your own province on the World’s stage beside Ontario and Quebec.  Even more so when you find out that neither pavilion is prepared to hold more than 300 people and the SaskPavilion has a capacity of just over 600.  What not a better role for the Province of Saskatchewan but to host the largest no-cover-charge party in Vancouver.

With the assistance of Riley Moynes from Living Sky Media, we will be putting together video‘s pretty much every day in Vancouver to give Regina a taste of the Olympiad.  While I’m here I apologize for the less then regular posting but I’ll try to keep you up to date with the behind the scene antics of what happens at the Olympics.

I also have a request for you.  We need feedback and ideas for videos, what do you want to see?  Please tell me, comment below or e-mail me jeff(at)fraserstrategy(dot)ca

If any of your ideas are used, of course we will give you credit during the video, just saying!

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