Speed Networking for Young Professionals

Much like speed dating, the sensation of 2008, speed networking will give you the tools to hop out of that comfort zone and start meeting people faster than ever before.  Think you cant’ do it?  Well with that attitude you won’t.

Lets experiment if you will, 30 of us meet up one night, hopefully we’re all on Twitter so we can connect afterwords.  The goal?  To create mutually beneficial relationships with people we can assist in there work or life.  How does this occur?  Well you have to meet them of course, talk to them, find out what gets them going in the morning.  What is their passion?  Ever met someone who has the same mindset?  Have you ever wanted to?

Once you graduate University there are not a lot of events that bring people together, I have not heard of anything like this in the city, maybe it’s about time we started?

I think it would be fun, when great minds get together strange things happen.  So would you come?  What’s the worst that could happen?  You miss Dancing with the Stars one night?

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