The ‘I Love Regina’ Badge

The City of Regina should get a badge made on Foursquare that once you check in 3 times you get something.  Actually I think all tourism destination should begin to offer something to people who check-in from abroad (hint, hint: It’s really simple to add features and specials to venues on Foursquare).

Yes Foursquare is not big here but the people visiting from all over North America have a much better chance of checking in to your location.  Think about it from a tourism perspective.

Anyone checking into three different places on Foursquare in Regina receives the ‘I Love Regina’ badge.  With it you get discounts on meals, half price at the RSO and $20 in free chips at the Casino (as an example).

Would you use Foursquare if you could get deals on products?

Photo Credit: Dennis Crowley
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