The Best Present You Can Give

A Tweet by Troy Heibein inspired me to think long and hard about what to get my Father for his birthday.  My Father (like most of our parents) has everything he needs, and pretty much anything he wants.  So what do you get someone who already has everything they need?


I know I could give him time in some capacity and to him that would be worth much more than anything I could purchase.  My present?  I told him he could put a list together of all the music albums he ever wanted and I’d download the list to my laptop and transfer it to his iTunes and iPod.

It didn’t seem like much at first but I don’t visit my parents as nearly as much as I should and I got to chat music and the origins of some of the artists with my Dad.  The list ended up being a full loose leaf page so obviously my Father had a few albums he wanted.  I am happy to report back that he is quite satisfied with all the new tunes on his iPod.

For those who have much, your time is a very precious gift to them, you can never store, keep, or recreate time, it’s one of our most valuable resources and the best present you can give.

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