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I don’t think most companies and organizations in Saskatchewan need an app.  We’re still pretty far behind the technology curve.  So if you think developing an app as your next strategic move, I’d look into it a little deeper.  One organization that does have an app is the U of S, so obviously we need to ask the question; why doesn’t the University of Regina have one?

Before you go developing god knows what kind of app for your company make sure you ask the difficult questions along the way.

Why do we need an app?  What incentive is there to downloading our app?  Will an app make it easier for people to _________(fill in the blank) at the University of Regina?  Is it just our website in a different format?  Who is responsible for updating it?  Is our app worth talking about?

If you understand why you need an app, then the functionality will reflect the reasons stated.

What would the UofR App include you ask?  For starters:

Directions to your classes – Using your location it will map out the quickest route to your next class.

A washroom tab that finds the closest washroom to you – again using your location.

A food tab to find the closet eatery – location, again.

News aggregater – feeds News pertaining to the UofR and related topics.

Local offers to University Students – business’s wanting to advertise directly to students for a premium.

Job postings specifically for University Students and Alumni.

Live “Owl” cam streaming the lineup on Friday nights – a real time way of knowing when to go to the bar.

Purchase varsity sports game, drama and musical tickets – e-commerce functionality

Trivial Pursuit Cougars Edition – where ever you are at the University your phone knows your location.  Once you go to the U of R Trivial Pursuit game it will produce trivia questions related to the area you are in.

Seems like there is an opportunity in the near future for the University’s communications department, other schools have their own already, check out the University of Alberta’s app.

What would you want to see in the UofR app? Please leave you ideas in the comments below…

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