What Inspires You?

What gets you up in the morning?  What makes you go to a job day after day hating it, is it a means to an end?  What is that end?  What do you do on the REALLY bad days?  You know, the ones where you feel like quitting, like the world is against you, like you just want to get out.

Something must inspire you to keep going.

For me its coaching. I love volleyball and I love teaching kids about the game.  Last year my Senior Boys team from Winston Knoll won the city championship, the gold medal that was presented to me that day hangs around my rearview mirror in my car as a constant reminder when things get tough.

I’ve had some pretty bad days, days where I’m not sure what to do, days when I look into my future and for some reason it is a dark and negative picture (though nothing compared to Gabrielle).  That all goes away when I get in my car and see that medal.  It’s a constant reminder that I’m here in this world for a different reason than just having a job and getting by.  It tells me that there is more to life than money, work and what society calls success.

My success is the smiling faces on those kids every season.

What inspires you?

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