Why I Think My Sister Is Brilliant

I recently had a truly eye-opening conversation with my sister, who works for a company in Calgary. As I probed deeper into her understanding of the industry, I realized just how brilliant she is. She has steadily climbed the corporate ladder and become an invaluable asset to the company. What surprised me the most was that she seems unaware of her own intelligence.

Her work ethic is commendable – she despises boredom and actively seeks out opportunities in a fast-paced, growing company rather than settling for a stagnant job at a directionless organization. Her refreshing approach to thinking makes her a fantastic addition to any team. She is genuinely invested in seeing her company thrive and possesses a clear grasp of how to make that happen.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of her achievements is that she does not hold a university degree. Despite this, I firmly believe that she doesn’t need one, as her brilliance shines through without formal education.

Schooling was never her forte, and she found it challenging to pay attention in class, a struggle that many children face today. Her experiences might even suggest a mild form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, her intelligence surpasses any academic achievements. She possesses a keen understanding of how actions impact others, displays self-awareness, and genuinely considers the company’s best interests.

In an industry predominantly dominated by men, she defies stereotypes and prejudices. Despite being told by conventional education that her grades were inadequate, she has excelled tremendously in her job. And that, my friends, is truly awe-inspiring. Her determination, intelligence, and dedication serve as a beacon of inspiration to us all.

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