Why I’m In Love With Floprint

These are my thoughts on how a company can go out of their way to make you feel like the most important person in the World.

In my job, I don’t have the luxury of knowing exactly what we need to order, print or have created weeks in advance. Usually it is a “get this done as freakin’ fast as you possibly can” type situation.  The only way I am successful at completing these projects is because of companies like Floprint.  They have built up an expectation of service and they consistently deliver on that expectation.  That is the essence of building a great brand.

Sure they’re not the cheapest in town but when you’re printing company or client materials do you really want to be looking for the cheapest alternative?  Not a chance.  Personally I need a certain standard of quality.

Floprint just seems to do a lot of little things right, examples:

-The manager knows the production costs inside and out so he can always recommend the quantity that will be the most cost effective (this might seem miniscule but a big deal when you’re printing client materials).

-They are friendly on the phone (even when you need last minute rush orders).

-They send you a mockup of your t-shirt design on an actual t-shirt!

-They have a young energetic staff that actually makes you want to do business with them

I will continue to recommend Floprint to anyone looking for a good quality print job, they have helped my business immensely and I bet you’ll be impressed with them too.


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