Episode #16 – How Do You Teach “Business” in High School? Feat. Jordan McFarlen

Episode 16 – How do you Teach “Business” in High School Featuring Jordan McFarlen

I met Jordan McFarlen in High School, we won a city championship on the same volleyball team.  We still play volleyball together on, arguably the best beach volleyball team in the city, the Volley Lama’s.

Jordan has always been very smart and just a really a fun guy to be around.  Now all grown up, he’s one of the most progressive teachers in the Regina Public School system.  He’s a great guy and an inspiring teacher,  I think he’s going to do something amazing in this world.

You’ll enjoy what he has to say.

Jordan McFarlen (@mcfarljo) on Twitter

Mr. McFarlen (@mrmcfarlen) on Twitter

Jordan McFarlen’s “Blogfolio”

Running time: 20:03

In this episode:

  • What does Jordan McFarlen do
  • Where he went to school
  • Where he teaches now (Campbell)
  • What he’s “done” to his classroom, he tries to create a “creative and innovative” work space.
  • We talk about a couple businesses that his students have started.
  •  Jordan has a different teaching style, he talks about how he looks at teaching and trying provide the best education he can.
  • What are some of the bright spots so far?  In year two they increased the enrollment in their class by 100 students (Business classes are electives, students don’t have  to take Jordan’s class).
  • Why his goal is to be the best Business class in Canada….eventually.  First things first he’s striving to be the best business school in Saskatchewan.  (They already won school of the year this past year).
  • What does the future of education hold in regards to the the adoption of technology and the internet?
  • How should teachers adapt to the use of online tools to help students learn better?
  • What “push-back” do you get from parents and others on what your students are publishing online?
  • Focusing on helping students create a positive “online footprint”.
  • What do you as Social Media’s role in education in the next five years?
  • A couple professors that made a difference in Jordan’s mind, Alec Couros (@courosa) and Dean Shareski (@shareski)
  • What’s the most valuable social tool you use?
  • What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen in your business classes?
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