Sour Milk and Your Marketing Strategy

When you pour sour milk into a glass, it comes out in globs and chunks, not very consistently.  When you dabble in one medium and then try a different tactic it is not very consistent, that does not help your brand.  People notice consistency.

When your efforts are focused on a certain task over time, by default your competency increases and you create consistency. Your customers or clients have an expectation of your work and you must deliver on that expectation consistently.  People notice consistency.

In a world where products and businesses can be developed over night, it can be difficult at times to differentiate the good ones from the bad.  Whether you own a small business or are developing your next marketing campaign, keep in mind that consistency over a period of time speaks louder than any chunky one-off sour milk promotion.  People don’t like sour milk, but love consistency.

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