Winning Isn’t Everything

I am pretty competitive, anyone that has witnessed me coaching can attest to this.  I don’t take losing well but I am beginning to learn a lot when I do lose.

This past year we had arguably the best team Winston Knoll has seen in quite some time.  We finished the regular season undefeated.  But we couldn’t seem to win in playoffs.  A couple bad attitudes was all it took.  We had two chances to go to Provincials and we lost both games.  We stopped wanting to win because we stopped being a team.  All the talent in the World doesn’t make up for a bad attitude.

Out of all the goals we set on our volleyball team this year one stands out in my mind.  Because it has nothing to do with volleyball and I believe as a coach I should have made sure we accomplished this goal.  I didn’t.

The goal was to have 100% attendance at a non-volleyball function.

I truly believe that if players can’t get along off the court there is no hope in hell they will ever get along on the court.  As I learn more and more about coaching, the more fascinating it gets.  This year I was taught a very harsh but good lesson; winning isn’t everything, but playing as a team is.  I will never forget this.

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