Episode #7 – Poking on Facebook & How Squareflo Looks at Your Website Feat. Derek Wu – Part 2 of 2

Episode #6 – Who’s Derek Wu? – Part 1 of 2

Episode #5 – What Does The Vintage Tea Room & The Imax Have In Common?

Episode 4 of The Marketing Revolution Podcast feat Ryan Holota

Read more about the interview with Ryan Holota here.

Episode 3 – Nothing’s Impossible for the Regina Symphony Orchestra

Click here –>Episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast – Nothing’s Impossible for the RSO<– Click here

In this episode I talk with Taron Cochrane (@taron_cochrane), the man behind The RSO on Twitter, The RSO Facebook Page.

We talk about how he’s built a substantial following for the Regina Symphony and he doesn’t exactly have the most common approach to marketing.  That’s why he’s so darn successful at it.  Read more on Episode 3 with Taron Cochrane.

In this episode:

  • We talk about the RSO on Twitter and Facebook
  • Why they’re no longer on Foursquare
  • He tells us why they don’t have a blog
  • Taron shares several stories about Canada’s Polka King
  • He shares some lesson’s he’s learned over the years
  • And he tells us what to focus on in 2012

Episode 2 – Why would a car dealership use Social Media?

Click here –>Episode 2 – The Marketing Revolution Podcast – Car dealerships don’t need Social Media, do they? <– Click here

In this episode, the brilliant Mitch Gallant and I talk about how Capitol Ford (@CapitolFord) uses social media within their marketing mix.  Mitch heads up the online marketing department for Capitol Ford.  Along with a star studded team, including @Kiley_G @theRealBernando and himself @mitch_4.

In this episode:

  • We get down to the bottom of why a car dealership uses social media.
  • How he determines success, and some of the metrics he uses
  • How Capitol Ford prioritizes, in a fascinating story about a football field, project management and how to track long-term success
  • Mitch talks about his greatest accomplishment of his career thus far
  • We talk a bit about mobile and what marketers need to focus on in 2012
  • Mitch’s book recommendations for young, aspiring marketers, Unmarketing by Scott Stratten, Six Pixels of Seperation by Mitch Joel, All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin, The Thank You Economy and Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • Finally, Mitch answers a question from Twitter, “which platform do you think is the most useful to you at this point and why?”

Episode 1 – Corporate Twitter accounts don’t need to be boring

Click here –>Episode 1 – The Marketing Revolution Podcast – Your Corporate Twitter Account is Boring!  <– Click here

In this episode @Lindenwilcock and @Kiltedbroker join myself for a conversation on corporate and local Twitter accounts.  Should you have a separate company Twitter account?  Why not? If all you’re using Twitter for is another mega phone to “get your message out there”, please stop.  You’re wasting your time.  The solution conceptually is quite simple.  Just add value, that’s it.  Now how we create and perceive value is different for everyone so the more feedback you can get the better.

We talk about @TeamGBIS, @reginapolice @ReginaSymphony @EarlsVicEast @codaclothing @HickoryGrill what’s good about some of these accounts and a couple stories on what not to do.  Recorded 21-12-11.

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