What I Learned While Going on a Ride Along With The Regina Police

1.  They’re not just out to give tickets, they’re trying to keep Regina safe.  My initial impression of “Cops” per se was that of the stereotypical Farva off Super Troopers.  You know what I mean, just complete jerk-faces? (Yes you hyphenate jerk-faces)  Yeah, they’re nothing like that at all.  I met a few while I was in the back for debriefing and they were down to earth normal people.  And no they don’t try to give you tickets, if you break the law in front of them they’re going to give you a ticket.  A few bad eggs hurts their reputation that’s for sure.

2.  They have a very, very difficult job.  A lot of the people they deal with have no respect for Cops whatsoever, you can imagine how their interactions usually go.  Any time you have an exchange with a Police Officer it’s usually because of something bad happened.  They’re the bringers of bad news.  It’s incredibly difficult to imagine that in your day-to-day most people you deal with are not happy with you at all, it must affect their mood and attitude over time.

3.  They have a sense of humor.  Some were hilarious, seriously.  They’re real people too, and because of their job I think they have to have fun or you’d most likely go crazy.

4.  Drinking and driving is never worth it.  We pulled over a kid who was driving on three tires.  He was so drunk he hit another vehicle and drove off with a blown tire, we pulled him over when sparks were flying from his wheel.  You could smell the liquor on him.  He blew over.

Drinking and driving is very bad.


5.  It was very evident that the purpose of their job is to keep the city safe.  I heard this again and again.  Their number one goal is to keep Regina safe.  Most of us think that their number one goal is to give you tickets.  I assure you it is not.  The majority of the Officers in the Regina Police Service care about our city a lot and every day they’re trying to keep it safe.  Always remember that.

6.  If you ever get a chance to go on a Police ride along, DO IT!
It’s really fascinating to experience what they go through on a day-to-day basis.  I probably haven’t been as nice as I should be to Police officers.  I think we all can be a little more respectful, I’ve changed my opinion of them, and I did it before the Yolo Tweet.  HA!

Full disclosure: I am currently working with the Regina Police Service, this post wasn’t to come of as a blatant shameless plug.  They really are as awesome as they sound.

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