Episode 21 – Filming The Earth From Space, 50 Shades of Grey, and Nightmares w/ Jillian Walker

Episode 21 – Filming The Earth From Space, 50 Shades of Grey, and Nightmares with Jillian Walker

Episode 21 with our Westcoast, fashion, marketing, HR, running and yoga Correspondent Jillian Walker.

You all remember Jillian (how could you forget her?!?).  She’s always good for an entertaining conversation.  Oh and I’ll warn you on this one, there is a wee bit of swearing, so don’t listen to this on the family trip up to the lake with the kiddies.

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Running time: 45:40

In this episode we talk about:

What is UrtheCast?

It’s actually this project where they’re putting a camera on the international space station and broadcasting a real-time video of the earth on www.urthecast.com, crazy hey?

Do you use Pinterest?

People getting generic engagement photos always love to share them online.

How our world is changing from generation to generation.  She introduces me to the concept of “Pretirement”.  Not traditionally waiting to retire but doing so in a way where you can live out your dreams while still working in a nontraditional sense.

Why she believes in “surrounding yourself with the people you want to become.”

She explains “you’re the sum of the people who you hang around the most.”

We talk about this blog post: Life…..Filtered.  In how our lives are really a product of our own self imposed filters.

We find out about her one weakness, she’s gullible.

Where she get her news from other than Twitter.

What she’s reading now.  We discuss 50 Shades of Grey.

Manuscripts found dating back before the Bible was written were erotic stories, that’s correct, ancient porn.

The problem with the generation following us.

People with entitlement issues.

When to get an MBA and the value of it today.

Jillian’s opinion on furthering your education.

I talk about the book The Coming Jobs War and the central thesis of the most sought after aspect of life is no longer food and shelter but having a good job.

We talk about this blog post Nightmares, My Normal .  You see, Jillian has nightmares regularly, you should hear her story.

I bring up the story of the guy who was haunted by a reoccurring nightmare for 20 years and how he used lucid dreaming to stop it from happening anymore.  A fascinating story to listen to.

What she struggles with the absolute most.

Jillian share some great advice:  “Never let the things you want make yo forget the things you have”

See the first podcast I did with Jillian here:

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